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Geek Shock #119 - Tron Pron

We lost Torgo to Skyrim that’s not a reason why we can’t carry on. Besides, we don’t think he’s showered so… perhaps it’s for the best. But carry on we shall as we talk about Tron Porn, Stan Lee, PETA vs. Nintendo, Another Dark that has been turned off, Doctor Whaaaaaaa(?), Bacon Maple Ale, Deadly Kei, YetiYetiYeti, Asteroid: the brother picture, Tewwt Land, ‘Hey that’s my bike’ list, Games of Thrones, Zynga is run by pricks, broken Steam, no more Flashing, the cutting of Bruce, more (or less) SYFY, and the shrinking WOW. So put down your controllers (Torgo!), it’s time for a Geek Shock! !
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