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Geek Shock #113 - Cheney vs. the Downs

Now normally we don’t cow tow to politics on the geekfest known as Geek Shock, but when Dick Cheney (voiced by the famous Paul) descends on the show like a 22 year old vampire with the Downs, then you know it’s gotta be good.  That’s not all!  You also get Ghostbusters UK, Top Gun 3D, Josephine smith 3D, Spielberg vs Lucas, Creature, bookflix, pentagon star, Descent of Thrones, Wii zzzz, Hannibal, Bucky Larson, the Gamestop tablet, 40 first Saints, Steambox, video game history, and more.   So hide your children and for God’s sake STAY WAY FROM THE ABANDONED HOOTERS, it’s Geek Shock.
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