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PhysX for 3ds Max Part 3 Released

Howdy Guys and Gals,

Time for a new MBM Module release;

With a Total Combined Runtime of 3Hrs and 18 Mins (approx) for all 3 Modules, the ‘PhysX Crash Course’ from MentalBoutMax is the Ideal way for 3ds Max Artists to get Up & Running in no time at all with the new Advantage Pack PhysX Toolset.

This Final Module (Part 3) focuses entirely on the Extremely Important 'Constraint' Tools in PhysX!

The final 3 scenarios cover Automated Secondary Animation (Character/Object interaction), Breakable Contraints and we even create a simple Custom RagDoll to be your very own Stuntperson!

No new movie for this one as the 'Intro' movie in the previous post covers ALL of the scenarios in the Entire PhysX Crash Course! You can see the links below to investigate this release further.

MBM Development Team

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