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Power Blast January 14 2017 (Episode 513) Progress Not Perfection

Progress Not PerfectionWatch this Power Blast Podcast Episode 513Download My Free Cheat Sheet: 7 Steps To Get Great Abs at http://www.absaremade.comFocus on Progress not Perfection. We are a few weeks into the new year and sometimes it’s easy to get down on yourself for not being able to keep up with the workouts or even see immediate results! Workouts are designed to challenge you, the goal is not to do every move flawlessly. It’s just to keep making progress!In this podcast I share different ways for you to consider making progress with your health and fitness goals this year! Stop checking the scale every 5 minutes and focus on these non-scale victories! Progress not perfection.NEW! CHECK THIS OUT! ANNUAL ALL ACCESS PASS TO BEACHBODY ON DEMAND!One full year of the Beachbody fitness library and more! appreciate you for subscribing to this podcast and going to iTunes and giving a review and 5 Star Rating! Thank you!Set yourself up for success.Get Beachbody On Demand & Follow a plan!Beachbody On Demand All Access Pass - On Demand Pack With Shakeology - On Demand Free Trial (30 Days) - you or someone you know would like additional tips, download my free book at http://MyFitStart.comFor your Fitness Solutions, see our website at http://www.tinsleyfitness.comSTREAMING DIGITAL BEACHBODY WORKOUTS! tbbworkouts.comGet Shakeology risk free at http://www.incredibleshake.comI am ready to coach you! Get your free account here and let’s design a fitness and health solution for you. more about the Coach Opportunity at www.GoForResults.comSubscribe to Power Blast Podcast in iTunes: 
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