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My Take Radio-Episode 186

Show Notes
MTR joined the GFQ Network this week and we clocked in another three hour show. MTR 200 will be here before you know it.
00:09:48 – MMA
·         Ben called in to discuss UFC 160
·         Forrest Griffin retires and heads to the UFC Hall of Fame
·         Rousey vs. Tate II happens with the injury of Cat Zingano
·         Barnett vs. Mir goes down at UFC 164!
·         Tito vs. Jenna round 1000 on twitter
01:00:18 – Wrestling
·         RAW rants from the Memorial day edition of WWE Raw
·         Who is Suicide?
·         Rich shares his thoughts on the passing of luchador Hector Garza
·         Dixie teases a free agent
01:36:43 – Video Games
·         Reader mail gets Slick and Rich talking more about the Xbox One
·         Ace Attorney heads to iOS
·         Xbox One used game strategy musings
·         Last of Us DLC News
02:30:23 – Movies/TV                  
·         WTF Movie news run wild this week
·         John Cenastone & CM Punkrock?
·         Fast 6 rules Memorial Day
·         Hillary Clinton the movie?
·         Grumpy Cat heads to the big screen
·         Hannibal gets served a second season
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Intro: MTR Intro
Outro: Born of Ashes, Baptised in Blood (God Of War)
Artist: Brandon Strader
Album: Heroes vs. Villains available at
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