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The Beerists 23 - Oktoberfest

Episode 23 - Oktoberfest
We know absolutely nothing about Oktoberfest beers. We never drink them. This is us trying 6 of them, and totally failing to educate anyone on the style, the celebration, or its history.
Spaten OktoberfestPaulaner Oktoberfest WiesnAyinger Oktober Fest-MarzenBrooklyin OktoberfestHarpoon Oktoberfest BeerAvery The Kaiser

Ryan1. Paulaner2. Brooklyn3. Spaten4. Harpoon5. Ayinger6. Avery
Mike1. Paulaner2. Brooklyn3. Ayinger4. Harpoon5. Spaten6. Avery
Rubio1. Paulaner2. Brooklyn3. Ayinger4. Spaten5. Harpoon6. Avery
Grant1. Paulaner2. Brooklyn3. Ayinger, Spaten, Harpoon (tie)4. Avery
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The Beerists are: John Rubio, Anastacia Kelly, and Grant Davis. With Mike Lambert. And Ryan Mesch filling in for Anastacia.

Theme music provided by Defalated Ballon.

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