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Trapped with Dead iRivers and Anniversary requests!

Hi all... just a quick little thing this week.

My iRiver died last week, so I had no new content. A new one should be here Tuesday, so that's good.
Basically I'm sending out a request to ALL OF YOU to send me anything you'd like for the ToV anniversary episode next weekend (Deadline is Friday 9/1)

Mainly I'm borrowing a page from Ricky and Skipper Ben's book on Inside the Magic and asking you all for your top 3 ToV moments of the first year...

So start emailing me, calling me, sending me mp3s or leaving forum posts. Any way you want to reach me is fine with me, as long as you reach me!

Thanks everyone!


Inside the Magic

Closing music: Diedre Flint, Epcot USA
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