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Worshiping Worship (Worshiping Ourselves) - Lenny Smith

A young college student is walking across campus, holding hands with his sweetheart. “I am beginning to think you really don't know me. After all, I have needs. I study all week and by the weekend, I need a break! Let me just go hiking on Saturday, like I planned, and on Sunday we can do the bike trip that I told you about last month. Okay? By the way, I think I like your hair that way." "I haven't changed my hair in weeks!" So too, many of our worship services are set up to be more about US than about the Other. As a result, we go home slightly depressed and "bored with ourselves." O, for an hour when I can totally forget about me and get enraptured with my Maker! "I'm a cosmic patriot, but it’s been so long since I've been blown away" (Dan Zimmerman).
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