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If you have an account on this site, you should change your password. Why?

Something strange happened on the site this morning. Our Turducken is Tasty, Tuesday Tech Talk, and How to Do It videos were removed from the site, along with a forum post about Battlemaster.

Nothing else appears to have been changed, but logs were truncated due to SQL server performance issues. So, we can't exactly pinpoint what happened via Drupal.

We can't pinpoint what happened via server logs either. There doesn't appear to be any red flags in our server logs. SQL doesn't appear to have been compromised, and there's no evidence of the database being downloaded.

So, something happened. Maybe it was a flaw in a module I didn't get around to updating. It could have been Kin being silly and trying to delete spam comments but instead deleting the entire node. It could have been a brute-force attack on any one administrators account. It also could be that the system itself was compromised.

The database contains your: username, hashed and salted password, e-mail address, and any other additional information you provided in your profile.

This could have just been an exploited bug, or some jackass with a vendetta (I'm keeping my eye on a few of you pricks in particular that couldn't shut up about the videos not being up for TTT and HTDI). I just find it odd that only those videos were deleted, and only that one forum post was removed.

In any case, out of an abundance of caution, I urge you to change your account password.

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