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Episode 21 - E3 Extravaganza

E3 is coming up and we're really excited! Both Ryan and Chris Lai are going to attend this year for the first time in their lives! It's a freakin' dream come true.

To commemorate the occasion, we banter and fanboy about what is expected for this year's expo. We talk about the new games, consoles, and annouceents that are going to be made. Also, you can hear our predictions on what is going to happen.

Also, we introduce two new segments to the podcast. The first called "Take it or Leave it" where we quickly debate whether a movie, video game, or whatever was goo or bad. Did we "Take it or Leave it?" We talk about the movie Thor. The second segment is called stump the leet. Here, both Chris's try to stump Ryan at video game, comic book, or anime trivia. This week he tries to decipher whether something is a drug or a Pokemon name in Drug_or_Pokemon. Also, check out Ryan's game log at!

Take a listen and enjoy!
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