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MikeG TeleCoach for Friday, May 26, 2006

Website Overhaul, Webcasting, Sales Copy
I had a lot of fun with Mike Cecotka. He has a brand new site, It's going to be explosive! If you're interested in a great affiliate program.. he doesn't have it up yet, but send Mike an email and let him know you're interested. He's got a great product he's coming out with, he'll be launching it the middle of June, he'll be teaching people how to use podcasting and even how to make a video without owning a camera, he does it through his ebooks, his audio material and his webcasting.

We spent about a half hour tearing his site apart, fine tuning his sales copy. Lot of fun! Very progressive new technology.. did you know Google started selling video ad spots at a significant premium just this past week?.. Mike is on the cutting edge of something new - check it out. Listen to the recording.
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