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This video poam is an unintended collaboration that in the lack of intention becomes a lattice itself, a community of interactions from multiple locations intersecting on a number of levels (or lattices). The compatibility of KC's video, and the spoken language with Ansted's images seems designed rather than incidental, yet it wasn't until I had these separate components for the Gallery exhibit component of "Pleasurable Complexity" Limited Fork poetry event that I realized the benefit of seeing the separate pieces together, allowing them to speak a shared language in addition to the multiple levels of saying in their separate languages. Two themes of the "Pleasurable Complexity" Limited Fork poetry event were "place value" and "implications of the lattice," with "implications of the lattice" contained in notions of "place value," and notions of "place value" contained in "implications of the lattice." More "Pleasurable Complexity" materials are available from the Limited Fork podcast. --Thylias Moss
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