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Mirella Amato: The Real Scoop On Malt – Craft Beer’s Crucial Building Block

Ever wonder why some beers are darker than others? Or if a beer’s colour is related to its flavour? Find out how these attributes are influenced by beer’s magical ingredient: malt.

Malt is indeed craft beer’s crucial building block. Learn why as Mirella Amato of Beerology chats with two OCB brewers to get the real scoop on malt. Hear Marvin Dyck from Wellington Brewery and Ian Watson from Niagara’s Best Beer talk about which malts they like to use in their craft brews, and why.

Get ready to taste right along with Marvin and Ian in the second half of the podcast, as they sample Niagara’s Best Blonde and Wellington County Dark. Can they guess which malts were used in each other’s beer based solely on colour and flavour?

This is Episode 1 of a 6-part series. Future installments will look at hops, wheat beer, special ingredients, lagers, and dark beers.

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