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Stephen Key Interviews John Osher Inventor of the Spin Brush

Stephen Key Interviews John Osher, Inventor of the Spin Brush

John Osher is the protagonist of that story. You know it well. It inspired you to begin inventing and continues to give you hope in the darkest of days. It’s as rare as it is remarkable. For John Osher, lightning has indeed struck twice. And three and four times…

He’s the creator of the smash toy-candy “Spin Pop”, a lollipop that sits atop a battery operated handle, twirling the sweet treat in your mouth. In it’s inception, the Spin Pop created an entirely new category of products, now known as “interactive candy”. The Spin Pop, born in 1996, sells around the world today. But the product, successful as it might have been and still is, was merely the precedent for Osher’s next bigger and better creation.

Osher is the inventor of the “Spin Brush”, which he sold to Proctor and Gamble in 2001 for 475 million dollars.

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