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Hey Scooby, where are you?

People are communicating in new and innovative ways: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or texting - and all of these options are starting to dominate the public scene. According to a recent article in Time Magazine, over the past year alone, Twitter has seen its visitors, in the millions, increase 1,298% (about 16 million). With this type of traffic, it is hard to ignore Twitter and other social networking tools as they are becoming valuable resources that we can use in education. In this podcast, I speak with CADA's new Communications Coordinator, Ron Ippolito, about the pro's and con's of social networking, what to expect, how it fits into our CADA standards, and possible ways to permeate it into our school culture. Below are some links that we reference in the podcast.

Trouble with Twitter:
Real Life Twitter:
Time LIfe Article on Twitter, June 2009:
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