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Turn A Bum Opportunity Into A Money Maker Using The Power Of Voice

Nido bought into a business opportunity with a company named Coastal Vacations and called me for advice about how to market his product. Coastal Vacations can be an MLM, but Nido paid $1,300 to become a distributor. He has the rights to sell vacations certificates for $6.95 a piece. As a distributor, Nidos responsibility is to sell the vacation certificates. He had some ideas for marketing the certificates to restaurants, schools, and businesses so that these organizations could perhaps give the certificates as gifts to employees or patrons. However, it takes a lot of time and effort for Nido to do cold calling, book appointments if hes lucky, and to explain the whole Coastal Vacations package. Additionally, there are back-end costs for Nido, such as a web site and all of those nice brochures about Coastal Vacations that he needs to buy to market his product. Listen as I advise Nido to sell enough of the certificates to cover his initial $1,300 investment.