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Composition One - Back to Basics
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Composition One - Back to Basics

This is the first in our exciting 'Insight Training Series' covering the key skills of Photography from concept to execution. This DVD film addresses the essential elements and asks you to look beyond the lens and pre-visualise images in your mind before pressing the shutter. Lots of expert and common sense hints & tips to help you develop quickly.

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* Do you want to improve your understanding of how to achieve great composition?
* Would you like to understand the concept of pre-visualisation?
* Do you sometimes grapple with why a composition isn’t coming together, maybe due to bad geometry or other issues?

We invite you to sit back and relax and, with Martins expert guidance, lead you through a short series of podcasts on composition basics.

Introduction, The Basics, Previsualisation: Imaging by design, Kit, Clothing, props & accessories, Location recce, Test Shots: Angles & distraction, Dissemination: Test Shots, Shoot 1: Props & posing, Dissemination: Colour & reparation, Shoot 2: Ripples & refraction, Dissemination: Positive & negative space, Shoot 3: Letting your shoot evolve, Dissemination: Unifying the elements, Shoot 4: Geometry, tones & texture, Dissemination: Composition in-camera, Shoot 5: Dynamics & shadow play, Dissemination: Isolating your subject, Shoot 6: Improvisation, Dissemination: Illumination, Preview, links & credits
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