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3 Minute Mentor
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Episode 32: How do I give better presentations?

3 Minute Mentor

Welcome to The 3 Minute Mentor

Over the last 25 years I have working in many countries and for many companies. Most importantly I have worked for many bosses – some good and some bad. Through this time I have been lucky enough to have some great mentors who has shared their wisdom.

I have also been lucky enough to mentor some great people and been able to pass on some of what I have learned. I wanted to share some of these thoughts with a wider community through a podcast. Given the nature of this digital world – and the fact that I get bored after aboput three minutes of a podcast – the idea here is to get to the point and share the advice in no more than three minutes.

I have many ideas of things to cover in the up coming weeks but I would love to hear from you. Comments and advice would be great but what I really want is your questions. If you have thoughts on a possible podcast subject let me know, either through email ( or via twitter (@3minutementor).
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