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Katteri TheDevil's Podcast

Katteri TheDevil's Podcast

My goal is to incit doubt and put us into situations in which we are forced to re-think everything we believe and by inspiring humans to put themselves before Good and seek the opporutnity to grow. This is nothing related to devil worship.

Why the name KatteriTheDevil?
Katteri - This word is from Tamil language. Some people believe it is evil, some think Katteri is god and even worship and pray. This is really wonders me that there is no good or bad, it is how we see it, ok! what ever that lead me to keep katteri as nom de plume (so called pen name for my podcasts and writtings)
offcourse you know what is Devil and Devil needs no explanation.
Devils are not so much "evil spirits," but rather slandered heroes who champion humanism and intellectual power.
As the Powers of Darkness, they may often seem dark and spooky; as the "Gods of Godlessness," they may seem socially unacceptable. But they are really only "evil" in the eyes of conventional opinion-makers, who want humans to remain as gullible and superstitious (and controllable) as possible. Objectively speaking, nothing in existence is either completely "good" or completely "evil."
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Some podcasts may be in Tamil Language which is spoken widely in southern part of India.

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