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The Art of Travel Trailer

Conner Layne (Christopher Masterson, "Malcolm in the Middle") is about to embark on an adventure - just not the one he had planned. After discovering his fiance is having an affair with his best friend, he leaves her at the altar and heads off on his honeymoon alone. While experiencing the wonders that South America offers, he meets a friendly couple - Darlene (Brooke Burns, Host "Hole in the Wall") and her husband, Christopher (Johnny Messner, "Tears of the Sun"), who are planning a dangerous trip across the Darien Gap. Along with a ragtag group of foreigners, they venture on a 100-mile long journey through the undeveloped jungle that separates Panama and Columbia. Ready to leave his past behind, Conner joins the unknown for the quest of a lifetime.

Director: Thomas Whelan

Cast & Crew: Christopher Masterson,Brooke Burns,Johnny Messner,James Duval,Angelika Libera,Jake Muxworthy,Shalim Ortiz

Writers: Brian Labelle
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