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The Transition Part 3

The documentary was initiated first in India’s Temple of Maduban. It continued with interviews in Istanbul. Brahma Kumaris (The World’s Spiritual University) which is an Indian Spiritual Organization supported the film while the music of the project was made by Anjelika Akbar. The interviews were realized with those who are meditation and spiritual knowledge lecturers and who have shaped their lives within the spiritual knowledge. The project discussed why they chose such a spiritual life with leaving the physical World and their all relations behind and shut themselves in the Spiritual centers studying the knowledge which is based on all Holy Scriptures. Focusing on the increasing number of those who talk about a transition period and chose to live celibate lives, the purpose of the project is bringing the spiritualism into the light in the era in which matter is dominant upon moral values and virtues. The people from different belief systems being interviewed with talk on many common points such as a ‘period of awakening’ and ‘realization’ in the present time which is called the Dark Age in the scriptures. People from different nations and religions who have high status and careers in the outside World, talk on a Golden Age which is being expected to come after the present Dark Age full of hate, anger, ego and battles. Therefore, the questions on ‘The law of Karma’ , ‘Reincarnation’ , ‘The leap to the 5th dimension’, ‘Those who already entered the 4th dimension’, along with ‘ The importance of forgiveness in spiritualism’, ‘The techniques to gain the reality of the 4th dimension in today’s world’, Nostradamus’, The coming of prophets from incorporeal world’ The concept of God’ The benefits of meditation’, 2012-the end of Mayan calendar’, The cycle of time’, ‘Einstein’s theory of relativity’ find answers in the documentary. The project is actually based upon the human rights and the nuclear seasoning. Therefore, it surfaces the brotherhood of all religions and aims to serve the Peace of the World.

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