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Fly With Me Episode Unknown

This is the audio portion of the last live show I did on April 29.  You can watch the video of it here.   The next live show is on May 13 at 5:00 PM Pacific time.  Watch here.
My guest will be pilot/author Alex Stone. We will discuss his darkly comic "Hauling Checks" - a novel that takes the reader inside the world of the nighttime, shady operators of "Checkflight", a fictitious, but not entirely unrealistic, company of bad actors in the aviation world.  It's part "Catch-22", part "Fear and Loathing..." and nothing like any of the "Fly With Me" stories I produce.  This should be a fun one! Oh - the first two callers to the show via Skype will receive a free copy of Alex's book!
(or you can buy one yourself at
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