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Episode #1 - The Debut

Our debut podcast, featuring music spanning Frank Black's career. This episode, The Black Sessions, Some underappreciated classics from Cult of Ray, Devil's Workshop, and Show Me Your Tears, a rare b-side, and a tasty sample of an upcoming album. Enjoy!

Black Sessions - Freedom Rock
Black Sessions - Whatever Happened to Pong
Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day - Pan American Highway
Cult of Ray - Men In Black
Paul Slavens - Cactus
Nadine EP - Ludwigshafen
Electric Ladyland Studios - One Step Beyond
Crime And Punishment in Suburbia Soundtrack - Bullet (Instrumental)
Lowlands Festival 2001 - Gouge Away
Zipper (You Ain't Me Tribute) - Whispering Weeds
Derek Olson (Hey Tribute) - Where Is My Mind
Show Me Your Tears - New House of the Pope
Devil's Workshop - Heloise
Fastman Raiderman - Dog Sleep
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