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Episode 57: Scotland's Music - a radio program with John Purser

Episode 57: Scotland's Music - a radio program with John Purser
Upcoming Events: January 22 - Beethoven Concerto with the Riverside County Philharmonic in California, January 29 - Brahms Concerto with the Springfield Symphony in Massachusetts, February 5 - Ravel's Tzigane and Mozart Concerto No. 5 with the Springfield Symphony in Missouri.  Inquiries from my Inbox: 9-year-old Abigail asks, "Would you please tell me some things about you and your violin that I could use in my school presentation?" Random Musical Thought: Maud Powell's record company urged her to record popular music instead of only classical. She responded that popular music was familiar music, and that the more familiar people were with classical, the more popular it would become!
A BBC program hosted by Dr. John Purser, eminent musicologist and specialist in Scottish music, with guest Rachel Barton Pine. Includes music from Rachel's album "Scottish Fantasies" and examples of the folk tunes used in the symphonic works on that recording.
total playing time: 56:04 SUBSCRIBE TO THIS PODCAST ON I-TUNES! Would you like to be featured on Violin Adventures? Just send your question via text or as an MP3 attachment to and listen for your answer on Inquiries From My Inbox! Thanks for listening! Violin Adventures with Rachel Barton Pine is produced by Windy Apple Studios
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