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No New Episode This Week

Hey everyone!

I know that we normally put up a new episode every Wednesday, but there will be no new episode this week. I am really sorry but our schedules didn't allow us time to get together to record an episode this week. It's really a bummer, too, because there's finally some really exciting book and movie news to discuss! Don't worry though, we will DEFINITELY talk about the Twilight clip shown at the MTV Movie Awards, the first chapter of Breaking Dawn, and the cover art of Breaking Dawn on the next episode. It should be up by next Wednesday (June 11th).

On another note, we finally recieved a couple of e-mails! Thank you so much to those that sent one to us. To everyone else, PLEASE send us your thoughts, comments, and questions! They can relate to a previous episode, or they can just be comments on the new Twilight Clip and Breaking Dawn 1st chapter. What did you guys think? Also, please feel free to recommend main discussion topics and "Vampire or Werewolf?" segment questions. You can send your emails to

Also, I mentioned on our very first episode that some of my friends from the band Just Plain Sexy were going to write and record a song exclusively for our podcast so that we could use it as an intro song. They have written it and I was lucky enough to hear it live last week! It is awesome and I know you all will love it. They are going to record it soon, so you will be able to hear the song soon as well! If you want to hear more music from Just Plain Sexy in the meantime, you can visit their myspace page at Lucas, the main guitarrist for the band also records his own songs. You can visit his solo page on myspace at

So that's it for this update. Keep spreading the word about our podcast! If your friends don't read Twilight, get them hooked on it and then tell them to tune in to Forks and Fangs as well! Don't forget to befriend us on myspace and join our facebook group! Thanks everyone!

Always your host,
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