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MikeG TeleCoach for 4-11-2006

Kick Butt Domain Names, Descriptions,
Check for full detail. I spoke for 25 to 30 minutes on how to select the perfect URL/domain name for your website. I presented some ideas that most people do not consider but you should. And, I mentioned several resources that you need to be aware of... - check it out.  Use it to find synonyms for those words that are already taken.  You'll understand more about this when you listen to the recording.  And, we talked about and, and how you can use those tools/resources to come up with the ideal domain name. It's absolutely vital that your domain name be memorable and descriptive of what you do at your site. We also talked about and  If you're absolutely, totally stumped and you want to find the perfect domain name, it might be for sale.  Or guess what?  To sell a domain name you'll also want to check out these resources.
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