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Episode 29 – The …a Man to Fish… Photography Business Podcast – Salesographer w/ Spencer Boerup

If you’re a long-time, back-in-the-day listener of the podcast you remember Spencer from episode 8.  Spencer has a new sales product out that I think every photographer could benefit from, so he’s joining the podcast today to talk about how important the sales process is and how to implement his simple strategy for closing $2K+ portrait sales every time. I respect my audience, and I appreciate everyone who logs it to read an article or check out a podcast.  So I’ve strictly avoided the hundreds of affiliate links to various products and requests for sponsorship and endorsements.  I’m not going to post about anything unless I completely believe that it is a benefit to you and not just a simple benefit, but something that will make a tangible difference in your business. Spencer has been to my workshop.  That means I’ve seen Spencer’s actual numbers and I can completely attest to the fact that his portrait sales are consistent and impressive.  I love whenever someone can break down an esoteric, emotional process into a repeatable structure and Spencer has done that with the sales process.  You can’t be a professional and avoid sales and this product will help take the stress out of selling and actually make your clients happier with the end result of working with you. Check out Spencer’s work here – Spencer Boerup Photography Buy Salesographer here – seriously, you’ll make more money.  Special pricing available till June 14. Salesographer is holding a raffle for a FREE Camera (Nikon d600 or Canon 6d) for liking and what not – the raffle ends June 14th so sign up now and share it out. Subscribe to AMTF to receive the extended edition of episode 8 with […]
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