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Look, Scott and I don't ask for much.  We can promise, with absolute certainty, that we'll keep this crazy podcast going.  But we'd love to have your support.

So, here's a slew of links and ways to support us:


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If you're feeling charitable, donate!  Use Paypal with the email address above in mind, or visit where you'll find a nifty donation button at the bottom of this non-updated page.

Also, Podcast Alley wanted us to add this bit of code, who knows what it does.  It's a mystery!  But feel free to rate us there, however that works:

My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-fb9dfbcf881d509ce343a36653bf6eef}


On behalf of Scott and myself, thanks a ton for your support, and expect to hear more from us in the future!



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