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PictoChat Podcast Episode 06

This week, Scott and Mike misquote everyone.  Scott plays Crackdown 2 while Mike puts his face in as many games as possible.  Nintendo trademarks a game for Scott, and Mike wants only one name for a change.  But you know what else wants some change, Scott?  Nintendo does!  Nintendo could use some change!

They gratefully listen to LPChip's DS-10 Baseflow, a great chiptune song made entirely on the Korg DS-10 "game" for Nintendo DS.  Check out the full song and other songs by this artist at

They also watch this trailer for Fractured Soul, and you should too!

Note: Due to recording issues, Scott and Mike get out of sync in the last 10 minutes of the episode or so.  Sorry, there was nothing we could do about it, but we guarantee it doesn't affect the quality of the episode.

Follow them on Twitter @pictocast, @scottbarkman, and @mikesuszek.  Send in your questions and thoughts to

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