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Power Blast February 11 2017 (Episode 517) A Test! Are You Leading A Healthy Lifestyle?

A Test! Are You Leading A Healthy Lifestyle?Watch this Power Blast Podcast Episode 517Download My Free Cheat Sheet: 7 Steps To Get Great Abs at http://www.absaremade.comAre you leading a healthy lifestyle??You are probably all over this living a healthy lifestyle thing, right?Eat fruits and vegetables, Exercise a few times a week, Don’t Smoke Drink plenty of water, get lots of sleep, limit alcohol...You might say you are a healthy member of society with the exception of a pizza night or donuts in the lounge. But all of your wellness habits might not be enough, according to a study by Mayo Clinic. Based on a sampling of 4,725 adults, researchers found that only 2.7 percent of Americans currently lead a healthy lifestyle. WHAT???Let’s talk about this study in this episode!Four characteristics to classify a healthy lifestyle: Exercise, diet, body fat percentage, and smoking habits.Links Referenced:Mayo Study: Eating Score: Eating Calculator: Beachbody workouts may help in your mission!ANNUAL ALL ACCESS PASS TO BEACHBODY ON DEMAND!One full year of the Beachbody fitness library and more! Control Kit: appreciate you for subscribing to this podcast and going to iTunes and giving a review and 5 Star Rating! Thank you!Set yourself up for success.Get Beachbody On Demand & Follow a plan!Beachbody On Demand All Access Pass - On Demand Pack With Shakeology - On Demand Free Trial (30 Days) - you or someone you know would like additional tips, download my free book at http://MyFitStart.comFor your Fitness Solutions, see our website at http://www.tinsleyfitness.comSTREAMING DIGITAL BEACHBODY WORKOUTS! tbbworkouts.comGet Shakeology risk free at http://www.incredibleshake.comI am ready to coach you! Get your free account here and let’s design a fitness and health solution for you. more about the Coach Opportunity at www.GoForResults.comSubscribe to Power Blast Podcast in iTunes: 
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