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HatchetJob 72 - Your Games Of...2009? Buh?

Yes, we're taking on 'game of the year' awards.  They're done too early, have plodding categories and don't reflect what we really feel about games.  
Come up with a category for an award and tell us which 2009 game wins it and why.

Tell us 
Your name and where you're from
The category you've come up with and game you've chosen to win it
Your explanation of the category and game
How to send them
Leave a comment here.
Leave a phone message:  +44 (0) 20 7193 5323
By email:
(You can send an Mp3 of your entry to that address too.  Under 10mb and one minute or less please.)

Music is 'Be Easy' by AlexBeroza
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