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Power Blast February 20 2016 (Episode 466) Just Show Me What To Do

Just Show Me What To DoWatch this Power Blast Podcast Episode 466Also Download My Free Cheat Sheet: 7 Steps To Get Great Abs at http://www.absaremade.comJust show me what to do! I think this is a part I struggled with when it came to getting results. I used to guess my way around a gym. I used to come up with my own fitness plan at home when I have an elliptical and some weights. Guess what? I never got results. I was frustrated. I needed someone to just show me what to do! I needed a trainer, but I didn’t know it. Once I figured this out, I was able to see results! And now I get to help others do the same! Using the same trainers I used!Helping people overcome paralysis to get started. To overcome fear of failure. To step out of the comfort zone and go for it!Will it take work? Yep!Will you be sore? yep!Will it work for you? Let’s find out together!What do you want to accomplish? • Get healthy? • Lose a little weight? • Lose a lot of weight? • Get healthy? • Get off meds? • Something else?Come with me and let me let’s take this journey together! Email me at and come up with a plan that will work for you so you can say, “Just show me what to do!”Who do you know who could benefit from this podcast? Please share this with someone who could benefit and join us!I appreciate you subscribing!If you or someone you know would like additional tips, download my free book at MyFitStart.comFor your Fitness Solutions, see our website at http://www.tinsleyfitness.comSTREAMING DIGITAL BEACHBODY WORKOUTS! tbbworkouts.comGet Shakeology risk free at http://www.incredibleshake.comI am ready to coach you! Get your free account here and let’s design a fitness and health solution for you. more about the Coach Opportunity at www.GoForResults.comSubscribe to Power Blast Podcast in iTunes: 
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