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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #5 Bubbe's Burgers

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Episode Summary :

You have not had a kosher hamburger until you have had a Bubbe Burger.

Show Notes:

Today we are going to go on a picnic. It's so hot this week that it's time to get your gear together and perhaps go to the nearest lake. So... let's get ready to make some hamburgers and if you want to make the recipe check it out here.

Bring on the meat! Yes it is raw now but after Bubbe uses her gear it all becomes a great burger. Just remember to make sure to wash your hands before getting your hands dirty in the meat mixture.

Make sure to squish them into good size patties. Carefully put them into the griddle and smell the wonderful aroma as everything sizzles.

Of course now it's time for the Yiddish Word of the Day. Kotletan which caused Avrom a good amount of time to pronounce it. Bubbe helped sound it out for him but what does it mean? Hamburgers of course!

Check out since they are todays sponsor of the day. But after all of that. Now as we get back Bubbe takes out the hamburgers and puts them on bulky rolls with a side of baked beans and a sour pickle.

With that Bubbe goes outside and packs the food in her trunk ready to enjoy her day out of the house.

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