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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #9 Chicken Soup Series - Part #2 Extending Chicken Soup

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Episode Summary :

Part 2 of this 3 part series that is all about chicken soup!

Show Notes:

To check out what happened last time on Feed Me Bubbe click here.

After the recap we move on to the meat and potatoes. We take it from the last part of the last episode where the microwave goes off. DING!

Bubbe takes out the piping hot bowl of soup and mentions that we now have a batch of homemade chicken soup along with four chicken legs.

We now interrupt this scheduled programming for a brief announcement..
It seems that we FORGOT THE ONION last episode. OOOPS!

After our moment of silence..

Time to make some matzah balls. It is all about following the directions in the back of the box while making it with the special Bubbe tips to make it light and fluffy. Get the basic recipe.

And the yiddish word of the day is short but sweet. That's right folks it's TAM or TAAM which means TASTE. Bubbe's chicken soup has a good TAAM.

Bubbe reminds us the importance of washing your hands. She also gives the secret to making a lot of soup for a party and make it taste good. The way to do it is to combine the homemade with package soup, who would have thought.

So at your next crowd you are ready to make the soup that will warm the soul. Add luchen, matzah balls, and rice.

Oh No! We forgot the soup chicken! Oh well 2 part chicken soup series is now a 3 part so check it out next time.

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