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Greens MP David Shoebridge talks justice reinvestment

"You could give a child first class tickets to Boston and an entire Harvard education for the amount that is costs to put them in jail for six months".(
They're the words of Greens MLC in New South Wales, David Shoebridge, on the amount of money it costs to put and keep an Aboriginal child in jail.
According to Just Reinvest, it costs six-hundred-and-52 dollars a day to keep a child in jail.
Which makes Just Reinvest's justice reinvestment partnership with Maranguka in Bourke all the more important.
Just Reinvest NSW, the Bourke Aboriginal Community Working Party and the Australian Human Rights Commission worked together to develop a proposal for implementing justice reinvestment in the community of Bourke, in north-west NSW.
And the trial's underway, with strong goals to reach.
In May 2016, Just Reinvest NSW aims to present its case to government - to demonstrate that justice reinvestment offers a real solution to all Australian communities seeking to tackle problems around offending and incarceration, while at the same time creating alternate pathways for young people.
They're goals David Shoebridge says he strongly supports.
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