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Mothers and daughters, parenting adult children, a show not to miss, job expertise, and proposal coaching!

Mothers and Daughters - Writer Katie Hafner had a rather complex relationship with her elderly mother. Nevertheless, she invited her mom to live with her and her teenage daughter, for what she hoped would be a time of reconciliation and healing. Katie chronicles her turbulent, and often very funny, experiment in intergenerational living in her memoir, Mother Daughter Me.

Parents to the End - Linda Herman discusses the delicate balance between giving appropriate help to our adult children and just enabling them. She's the author of Parents to the End, and offers some invaluable parenting advice for boomers.

It's All About Moms - Priest Tyaire is a triple threat - a writer, producer, and actor in his latest show, Mrs. Independent. He has received rave reviews, played to sold out crowds and is being touted as the next Tyler Perry. Priest is proud to say he owes it all to his mom!

What's NextJob Expertise! - Kerry Hannon is a seasoned journalist and recognized expert on career transition, reinvention, and retirement. Kerry has covered business and personal finance for Forbes, Money, U.S. News & World Report, and USA Today, and she is also the AARP Jobs Expert and the author of What's Next: Follow Your Passion and Find Your Dream Job.

Making Magic! - Calais Van Horn is a Proposal Coach at Stowe Mountain Lodge in Vermont. She helps "romance challenged" suitors by providing a personalized proposal experience.

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