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Explore elder abuse, newlywed cooking, digital detox, veins, and pups with The Babes!

Understanding Elderly Abuse - Craig Triance is an attorney who specializes in protecting the elderly from scams, con artists, and even trusted family members who prey on their elderly relatives and rob them not only of financial resources, but their dignity as well. He is the co-author of Keeping Your Sister-in-Law Out of Mom's Purse: A Family's Guide to Financial Elder Abuse and explains how we can protect our loved ones from becoming victims.

Newlywed Cooking - There's nothing quite like being a newlywed! But along with that newlywed bliss comes the practical - like mealtime! The Food Network's Robin Miller helps newlyweds navigate the kitchen, stock the pantry, and create stress free quick gourmet meals. Robin is the host of Quick Fix Meals and the author of The Newlywed Cookbook.

Digital Detox - Levi Felix is the co-founder of Digital Detox, an organization devoted to teaching those who are tech-addicted to "disconnect to reconnect." He shares the latest offering, Camp Grounded, an adults only summer camp, where grown-ups go to unplug, getaway, and be kids again.

You're So Vein - Are you one of those boomers who hasn't worn shorts in years? Dr. Rory Byrne, a surgeon with more than 30 years experience as a vein specialist, shares the latest treatments for unsightly spider and varicose veins!

Love at First Sight? - We've found a pro who can help us find and adopt the perfect family pet! Animal advocate Marion Zola co-produced the PBS show Shelter Me, a program about shelter dogs, and she's the author of Romancing the Dog.

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