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Power Blast June 7, 2014 (Episode 377) Top Healthy Habits Of Fit People - Part 2

Power Blast 377 http://www.putyourselffirst.comLast week you learned 5 top healthy habits that fit people do. This week we will cover the remaining 6 tips. There may even be a bonus tip!Let’s face it, getting fit and staying in shape doesn’t just happen.  People form habits and habits form futures when it comes to getting healthy and fit! Sustainable habits that are healthy is key. These habits do not include starvation, binging or dieting. They are lifelong, sustainable, and practical!For all Fitness Solutions, see our website at http://www.tinsleyfitness.comFuel your workouts! Get Shakeology risk free at http://www.incredibleshake.comSubscribe to Power Blast Podcast in iTunes: 
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