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Power Blast May 24, 2014 (Episode 375) A Simple Way To Reduce Stress

Power Blast 375 http://www.putyourselffirst.comDo you give yourself permission to do things to reduce the stress in your life? It is so easy to cling to stress and even feel like you are a victim of your circumstances. While it may not be the easiest to always get away and unplug, there are a few things for you to consider to at least give your mind, body and soul a break from day to day stress that can impact how you think and feel. Stress can even have a negative impact on your health and fitness.Join me today for a simple way to reduce stress.For all Fitness Solutions, see our website at http://www.tinsleyfitness.comFuel your workouts! Get Shakeology risk free at http://www.incredibleshake.comSubscribe to Power Blast Podcast in iTunes: 
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