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Exploring Aeolian Changes

Recently, our ongoing modal journey has drawn us into the land
of harmony. In the previous Back Track installment (Dorian Grooves, Sept.
’00 GP), we saw how notes from the Dorian mode can be combined to create Im,
IV, Vm, and bVII triads; we also discovered that progressions built from
these chords will support improvised Dorian lines. The trick is to play the
Dorian mode starting from the Im’s root. We’ve explored a similar
relationship between the Mixolydian mode and chords built from its notes
(Digging Modal Harmony, Aug. ’00 GP). In that lesson, we set up a
progression using Mixolydian’s native I, IV, Vm, and bVII triads and then
soloed over the chord sequence. Now it’s time to investigate Aeolian harmony.
This lesson includes Power Tab and is featured on the following CD compilations: BLUES U, ACOUSTIC U.

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