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Bless You Boys Podcast 90: I'm a Real American

On BYB Podcast 90, an exhausted Kurt, Al and HookSlide look back at the past week of Tigers' baseball, describe how they survived the ALDS, preview the ALCS, praise Jim Leyland and debunk the Moneyball narrative.

Bless You Boys Podcast 90 has a running time of 1:16 and features Al Beaton, HookSlide and of course, Kurt Mensching.


  • Surviving the ALDS:  The Tigers were on their way to a sweep, were left for dead on the side of the road with fans wanting major changes, then scaring the living crap out of us, and finally on their way to the ALCS.
  • The was plenty second guessing of Jim Leyland, but almost all of his moves worked.
  • Max Scherzer, roller coaster reliever.
  • Justin Verlander, stud ace.
  • So much for Jhonny Peralta being rusty.
  • Despite playing through what appears to be a major injury,
    Miguel Cabrera
    showed why you cannot bench him.
  • Who broke Austin Jackson and can he be fixed in time for the ALCS?
  • Sonny Gray or Bartolo Colon?
  • The A's lost the ALDS in Game 4.
  • The ALCS features a match up with the Boston Red Sox, and everything (best record, obnoxious fans, Fenway Park) that goes with it.
  • Peralta and the Green Monster.
  • The Tigers' edge over the Red Sox is their rotation.
  • Cowboy Joe West named umpire crew chief of the ALCS. Expect an ump show!
  • Predictions!
  • The playoffs as a referendum on Moneyball .
  • Kurt SINGS!

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