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Inchimals: Math Puzzles For Preschoolers – A Special Edition Timberdoodle Vodcast

When our very first supply of Inchimals sold out literally within hours we knew that our long anticipation was totally justified. The colorful blocks have an engaging animal on on the long side of each block, and are thoughtfully designed with matching numerals and dot equivalent on opposite ends of each block. Inchimals is the best hands-on program we have seen for teaching math to young children!

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"Teach your preschooler the language of math with Inchimals by Fat Brain Toys! This set of twelve whimsical wooden blocks is taking the home education market by storm. From the one-inch ladybug cube to the twelve-inch giraffe rod, Inchimals are all you'll need to introduce your young child to math.
Begin by having your preschooler sequence the Inchimals blocks from the shortest to the longest and introduce math vocabulary related to measurement. Because of its precise inch segments, Inchimals can also be used to guess and measure common item around the house. How tall is the glass? It is as tall as a tiger, or six inches tall. How long is a carrot? It is as long as a rabbit, or four inches long. Or build a corral for those Lego horses and chat about perimeter..." Buy Inchimals today from Timberdoodle and take advantage of our $4.95 shipping and speedy ships-in-24-hours service!
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