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The Beerists 49 - Russian River

8 beers from Russian River, all ending in -TION. Our buddy Schoun shares his spoils with us after his trip to Russian River for Pliny the Younger Day.


Rubio1. Supplication2. Beatification3. Consecration4. Temptation5. Sanctification6. Redemption7. Damnation8. Salvation
Schoun1. Supplication2. Consecration3. Beatification4. Temptaion5. Sanctification6. Salvation7. Redemption8. Damnation
Anastacia1. Sanctification2. Temptation3. Beatification4. Supplication5. Consecration6. Rdemption7. Salvation8. Damnation
Grant1. Supplication2. Beatification3. Consecration4. Redemption5. Sanctification6. Temptation7. Salvation8. Damnation

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The Beerists are: John Rubio, Anastacia Kelly, Grant Davis, and Schoun Regan.

Theme music provided by Defalated Ballon.

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