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Power Blast January 19, 2013 (Episode 305) Dos And Don'ts To Stay On Track With Your Fitness

Power Blast 305 http://www.putyourselffirst.comRecorded in front of the beautiful skyline of Calgary, Alberta, here Are Dos And Don’ts To Stay On Track With Your FitnessYou are not a quitter. No way! Chances are, you got sidetracked from your fitness plan. Am I right?? Life got in the way didn’t it? You let yourself off the hook cuz it was too hard or took too much time. HOGWASH! Those are just excuses. You gave up excuses, right?If this finds you still “crushing it” toward your goals and staying on track, I applaud you! Keep it going!If now and you got sidetracked, here are some Dos and Don’ts to stay on track. Go after what you set out to do in the first place!Follow our Journey to Calgary on my Facebook page at: your comments below!See Les Mills Combat details at:http://www.TinsleyFitness.comGET P90X CERTIFIED!
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