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AT#233 - Travel to Hong Kong

The Amateur Traveler talks to Melody who has been living as an exchange student in Hong Kong. Melody tells us what to see in Hong Kong from the very western feeling Central neighborhood of Hong Kong island, the peak and the mid-level escalators to the more
Chinese neighborhoods in Kowloon and the less populated New Territories. She also takes us out to some of the outlying islands like Lantau island with the Big Buddha & Po Lin Monastery, Cheung Chau Island with its famous bun festival, and the nearly uninhabited
Po Toi island.We talk about the 10,000 Buddha Monastery and eat dinner on plastic stools in the middle of the Temple street night market. We explore the fish, flower, bird and jade markets. Melody recommends the Star Ferry for a great view of Hong Kong island,
especially at night.For nightlife Melody recommends Wednesday and Thursday nights when ladies often get free drinks. Her favorite night spot is the Cavern and a famous one is the Fringe.

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