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The Beerists 20 - Brett Beers

Episode 20 - Brett Beers
Get funky! We're tasting six beers brewed (or finished) with Brettanomyces.
Sierra Nevada/Russian River BruxNew Belgium Brett BeerOrvalThe Bruery Saison de LenteGreen Flash Rayon VertRussian River Sanctification

John1. Orval2. Sanctification3. Brux4. Rayon Vert5. Saison de Lente6. Brett Beer
Mike1. Orval2. Sanctification3. Brux4. Saison de Lente5. Rayon Vert6. Brett Beer
Ryan1. Sanctification2. Orval3. Brux4. Brett Beer5. Rayon Vert6. Saison de Lente
Anastacia1. Sanctification2. Brux3. Brett Beer4. Orval5. Saison de Lente6. Rayon Vert
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The Beerists are: John Rubio, Anastacia Kelly, and Grant Davis. With Mike Lambert and Ryan Mesch filling in for Grant.

Theme music provided by Defalated Ballon.

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