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The Beerists 22 - Sixpoint

Episode 22 - Sixpoint
Sixpoint! We talk to Sixpoint founder Shane Welsh and Brewmaster Jan Matysiak, taste 6 of their beers, and try to hold a show together through a drunken haze.
Sweet ActionThe CrispRighteous AleBengali TigerSpice of Life RiwakaResin

John1. Resin2. Righteous Ale3. Bengali Tiger4. The Crisp5. Spice of Life Riwaka6. Sweet Action
Mike1. Resin2. Bengali Tiger3. Righteous Ale4. Spice of Life Riwaka5. The Crisp6. Sweet Action
Grant1. Resin2. Righteous Ale3. Sweet Action4. Bengali Tiger5. The Crisp6. Spice of Life Riwaka
Anastacia1. Bengali Tiger2. Righteous Ale3. Resin4. Sweet Action5. The Crisp6. Spice of Life Riwaka
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The Beerists are: John Rubio, Anastacia Kelly, and Grant Davis. With Mike Lambert .

Theme music provided by Defalated Ballon.

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