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Rome Review, Episode 005, 02.18.07

Rome Review - English Tongues in the Eternal City. Season 1, Episode 005. Join Charlie Q and his guests for discussions on life in Rome from inside the walls of the Eternal City. This episode features: -Riccardo Rinaudo, veteran Rock-Soul singer, interview
and live in-studio performance. -Indy rockers Poppy's Portrait, interview and live in-studio performance. -Italian Language Tips with Southern Bella. She talks about some expressions that might be helpful when attending a concert and shares with you some insight
into contemporary Italian music. For more information on our special guests, please visit the following websites: Riccardo Rinaudo Riccardo on myspace - Poppy's Portrait Popplys Portrait Official Website -
Poppys Portrai on myspace - For more information on the music venues mentioned in this podcast: Rock/Blues/Soul Near St. Peter's - Fonclea - The Place Indy/Underground Near San Giovanni - Circolo degli Artisti Near Testaccio/San
Lorenzo - Traffic - 360 Gradi ... Ready to listen? Right click and "save as" on the link below to download this podcast.
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Rome Review