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holy flip its our first podcast unedited

oi oi oi there. so its us. the two guys. actually its one of us right now. the O. going through tutorials and junk on how to do this podcasting busy ness. sooooo....this is a test.a test.we'll see.....oh oh by the way. if you happen to listen to this podcast.....its unedited. 30 odd minutes (straight through) of me and the other guy yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeePODCAST YO!!!!!!!so that above link is to that first unedited podcast. we're still learning stuff, but soon it'll be smooth. smooth like super awesome gorilla hair. oh oh and also......the blog post title is a link too....good stuff.soon to come...the edited version, if you wanna relisten. and auto feeds to it guy from twoedit number 2....(hahahaha i forgot to write edit number 1 on the first.........)so i'm not quite sure on subscribing to podcasts as ive never done it....ive just direct downloaded every time. but i was told that if i gave you this address it would go. or something like that. my other....the other guy...will most likely let me know. he's watching a movie right now. and i should be getting to sleep. i got work and dmv tomorrow morn.soooo peace easyand its a SLEEPING MONKEY!
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