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FBI profiler, Prostate screening debate, 98 yr. old crossword puzzle maker, Running with the bulls

Mary Ellen O'Toole is one of the world's top experts on criminal behavior, and has worked on many high-profile cases in her 28 years with the FBI, including the Elizabeth Smart case, the Unabomber, and the Green River Killer. Based on these experiences, her new book, Dangerous Instincts, offers advice about how to make safer decisions for ourselves and our families.

There is a controversy brewing about an annual ritual for middle-aged men - the PSA test which screens for early prostate cancer. By 2008 it was positively mainstream - nearly half of men over 50 reported they had been screened in the past 12 months. But according to recent studies, the routine PSA testing may not save lives, and instead, result in healthy men receiving unnecessary treatment that can injure or even kill them. In the thick of the discussion is Dr. Otis Brawley, Chief Medical and Scientific Office of the American Cancer Society.

A few months back we interviewed the wonderful Will Shortz, the editor of the NY Times crossword puzzle. He told us about a woman who has been creating crossword puzzles for over 60 years and is the Times oldest crossword constructor ever. Her name is Bernice Gordon, and at the age of 98 is still a master of the crossword puzzle, with over a 1000 published puzzles under her belt.

Last October, in the small dessert town of Cave Creek, Arizona, an event took place called Running of the Bulls America which is modeled after the bull run in Pamplona, Spain. Participants are literally chased by dozens of 1500 pound rodeo bulls, with names like Blood Money and Doomsday, for a quarter of a mile. Some people see the run as romantic, while others think it's insane, and possibly cruel to the animals. All agree that it's a dream come true for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. Joining us to talk about the event is Phil Immordino, organizer of the Running with the Bulls USA.

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